Operation Mindfall

From: $30.00

In order to make Escape Room Albury Covid-19 safe we have restricted bookings to two rooms: The Heist and Baker Street Mystery. If you wish to book a different room we are more than happy to accommodate, please email book@escaperoomalbury.com.au and include the following details:

Your name, contact number, the number of people in your booking, and the room you wish to book.

We will call you within two days to process the booking.


Our new outdoor game is now available. Save the world, unlock the clues and puzzles left by your fellow special agents from W.I.S.E and cracking the codes from the evil Spider Tech underground agents. This secret mission will call on your most finely-tuned secret agent skills.
Your friends and family are in danger as the criminal organisation Spider Tech has successfully recreated a virus devised by unlocking several key MK Ultra censored files. They’re aiming to infect much of the world’s population.
The virus has mind-control effects on those infected and will make Spider Tech the most power organisation in the world and allow a select few to control everyone. Fortunately, the virus is dormant, but it will be activated in 1 hour 30 minutes!

As a team of 2 to 5 agents to complete your secret mission on the street outside and around Albury.
90 minutes to infiltrate Spider Tech hidden codes and unlock their secret messages, find the antidote and ave the world!
The keys to succeeding will be observation, communication and cooperation
Solve the mystery with the help of a GPS tablet, provided by a Escape Room Albury agent and in turn you will set off with an a fully stocked detective kit to assist W.I.S.E in completing this mission to save the world.
Get ready to experience a highly immersive augmented reality experience!

  • DIFFICULTY – 4/5
  • Minimum Players – 2
  • Maximum Players – 5

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