Magic Portal

From: $25.00

In order to make Escape Room Albury Covid-19 safe we have restricted bookings to two rooms: The Heist and Baker Street Mystery. If you wish to book a different room we are more than happy to accommodate, please email and include the following details:

Your name, contact number, the number of people in your booking, and the room you wish to book.

We will call you within two days to process the booking.


A dangerous portal has appeared in the sky, and monsters are falling into our world. Only the bravest and cleverest heroes can solve the riddles, defeat the monsters, and keep our world safe from those who threaten it.

Magic Portal is a fantasy-based augmented-reality experience for 2-5 players. The AR (Augmented Reality) technology allows you to immerse yourself in the botanical gardens as you solve riddles and puzzles with the equipment we provide for you. AR game for your friends, clients, or family at any of our amazing botanical gardens. While this game can be played by anyone, it’s age recommended at 10-12yrs old.

  • DIFFICULTY – 2/5
  • Minimum Players – 2
  • Maximum Players – 5

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