The Time Machine

From: $30.00

In order to make Escape Room Albury Covid-19 safe we have restricted bookings to two rooms: The Heist and Baker Street Mystery. If you wish to book a different room we are more than happy to accommodate, please email and include the following details:

Your name, contact number, the number of people in your booking, and the room you wish to book.

Please note that due to spacing restrictions we are forced to limit participants to 1 only.

We will call you within two days to process the booking.


You have stumbled into an abandoned time machine. When you entered; the engine sparked to life and catapulted you into time, you know where you are, but not when. Now it’s up to you to restore the Time Machine to working order so you can land back where you belong before being lost to time.

The Time Machine is unlike any of our other rooms. It is padlock-less, that’s right, no padlocks or keys.

In this endeavour you will need to use your eyes, ears, and wits to notice the changes in the room and react to them, fixing the core components of the time machine.

You only have 45 mins to fix The Time Machine. You must use all your skills and intuition to solve the clues and repair the machine in time.

  • DIFFICULTY – 5/10
  • Minimum Players – 1*
  • Maximum Players – 1
  • Time 45 Minutes

How much does it cost?

*If playing as a single-player, the minimum cost is still 2 player minimum cost.

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