Escape Room FAQ

Below is a list of questions we are typically asked regarding Escape Room Albury. If there are additional questions, please feel free to call or email us your questions and queries:

  1. Can we bring more people on the day?
    Absoultely! You can bring more people on the day and pay for them once you get to the Escape Room. Just keep in mind that our rooms can only fit a maximum of 8 people.   
  2. What is an escape room?
    An escape room is an immersive experience where you are locked in a room full of puzzles to solve and you have 60 minutes to break out. Find more info here.
  3. Is it safe?
    Yes. There are employees in the facility with you while you play so that, in the case of an emergency, everyone participating will be safe.
  4. I have never done an Escape Room before, which room should I do?
    If you are new to the world of Escape Rooms we generally suggest that you do The Heist first. It is the easier room out of the two rooms that we have here. It is a room that will still challenge you and test your lateral thinking skills, while still being beginner friendly and easy enough that you will have a chance of escaping.
  5. How much does it cost?
    Weekdays before 4.30pm: $27 per person
    Weekdays after 4.30pm: $32 per person
    Saturday all day: $32 per person
    Sunday all day: $37 per person
    When you book we will ask for a two-person deposit. Any other players are welcome to pay on the day, with either card or cash.
  6. Are there reduced prices for kids?
    Unfortunately, the rooms still cost the same to run, so at this time there are no discounts for kids.
  7. Do I need to stay with my kids if they are doing the room?
    You do not need to stay in the room with them. However, we do require that atleast one parent or guardian stay for any group with children under the age of 14. If your children are playing one of our outdoor games you must accompany them as they will be required to cross roads and play the game outdoors. Our staff can not accompany your children through the outdoor games.
  8. Is there an age limit?
    The level of difficulty varies from room to room and clue to clue. Our rooms are designed for an adult audience, but players are welcome to bring children aged 10+. If you are bringing children, we recommend our Heist room as it has more opportunities for smaller players! Our Baker Street Mystery room can be modified for a junior audience at prior request.
  9. I am claustrophobic/afraid of the dark/afraid of being locked in the room. Can I still play?
    Absolutely! The rooms aren’t as small as most people think, though if you are concerned we reccomend bringing a smaller group so there are less of you in the room. The brightness of the lights in the rooms can be adjusted so if you are uncomfortable at any point you can let your game master know and they will be more than happy to turn the brightness of the lights up, torches are also available in both rooms. The door into our heist room is not locked as your primary aim is to disarm a bomb not to escape a locked room. In Baker St although the door is locked there is an emergancy key available for your safety and your game master will be watching the whole time so they can let you out if you require it.
  10. I don’t think I’m smart enough to play!
    Our games are available for people of all acedemic levels to play. Yes, the games are designed to challenge you, however they are also designed create the most entertaining experiance we can for you. It is a game that relies on all different types of thinking and the smartest groups aren’t always the groups that escape. If you are still concerned there is no need to worry,  there is a game master to help you and give you hints throughout the game.
  11. Can we book for a group of people?
    Yes. The rooms can run with 2 – 8 people so bring along family and friends!
  12. How long does the whole experience take?
    We suggest an hour and a half for total game play. The game runs for an hour with a 5 minute pre-game briefing session. We ask all players to arrive 15 minutes prior to their start times.
  13. Is there parking?
    There is street parking on Kiewa or Hume Street, please make sure to find a park with greater than 2hour parking.
  14. Are there toilets?
    Yes, we have bathrooms located within the building and players will be reminded of these before each game.
  15. What if we get stuck on a puzzle?
    There are assistant detectives (gamemasters) who will facilitate the game with you and can provide clues if you become stuck or ask for help. There is no limit to how many clues you can receive.
  16. Is there wheelchair access?
    There is one step at the front door of the building and wheelchair access through the rear of the building. Unfortunately at this time we do not have disabled bathrooms.
  17. Are there any strobe lights in your rooms?
    There are no strobe lights; we have just regular old lights in the room although the lights do occasionally flicker in the Heist. One of the rooms does have a smoke machine – please inform the game master beforehand if this will be an issue.
  18. Are the rooms scary?
    The rooms have dimmed lighting but otherwise are not scary! Nothing will jump out at you, and nothing is designed to shock.
  19. What should I wear?
    Whatever you feel comfortable in. Closed-in shoes are recommended but not compulsory.
  20. Can I take pictures?
    We ask that you don’t take any electronics into the room to help fully immerse yourself, and also to ensure the room isn’t spoiled for future participants.
  21. Do you sell gift vouchers?
    We do! You are welcome to buy gift vouchers in-store or call us during business hours. You will be able to pick up the voucher in-store or it can be mailed at request. All gift vouchers are valid for three years from date of purchase, and can have any amount on them.
  22. Business hours
    While we try and maintain staff as much as possible, we are unable to have staff at the room full time. There will be someone in-store from 9am-5pm on weekdays and Saturday morning 9am-2pm to take bookings. Outside of these hours we cannot guarantee that the store will be manned as it is dependant on bookings.
    If Escape Room Albury is closed when you arrive, please message or email us and we will see where the staff is for your game and get someone there ASAP. Please note that we will most likely be closed over public holidays.
  23. Public holidays
    We are open for all of the Easter Holidays, however, due to the costs our public holiday rates are $40 per person, and you  must book the room for at least 2 people as per usual.
  24.  Will it be the same as other escape rooms?
    Although the aim of our rooms are the same as others (to escape the room before the timer is finished) Escape Room Albury is privately owned and therefore all of our clues and puzzles are uniquely our own