What is an Escape Room?

It’s pretty simple! An escape room is a fun, live activity that can be completed in groups of 2-8. You and your group will be put into a themed room where you will be given a back story and objective. You then have 60 minutes to achieve this objective and escape the room, whether it be uncovering a murderer or defusing a bomb! The room will work best if you work as a team to solve puzzles and think outside the box!

Escape games are an all-inclusive activity that require no special skills or tools, except the most powerful tool you already have – your brain!

How do I get out?

The room will be full of locked boxes and hidden clues. Some of these might be harder to find than others, so make sure to look everywhere!

It then goes like this: you find a clue, solve the associated puzzle, and the answer will go into a nearby lock. Inside this box will be – you guessed it – another clue! Just keep doing this and you’ll be through all the locks in no time. Remember that if you get stuck, you can ask for hints from the gamemaster at any time. There’s no limit to how many hints you can get!

Don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to practice before you go into the room!


The gamemaster won’t actually go into the room with you, but they will be watching your progress on the cameras. The gamemaster’s role is to help you! They will assist with any questions you may have, hints you may require, and they will try to guide you along the right path in the room. The gamemaster is your friend, they want you to escape!

Still unsure?

Don’t be worried! The gamemaster will explain everything you need to know upon arrival, as well as explaining the rooms to you. You will also have time to ask questions before the game begins.

If you still have questions, take a look at our FAQ or contact us.